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 In this issue, we will continue to introduce to you what skills can be trained by building blocks.

 ** [Cognition] **

 - Color Cognition
 Does the baby know what colors these are?
 ~red, yellow, green, blue, orange, green..

 - Shape Cognition
 Does baby know what shapes these are?
 ~cuboid, cube, semicircle, cylinder, triangle, arch...

 - Material Cognition
 Does the baby know what material these are?
 ~wood, plastic, fabric ....

 - Sensory Cognition
 Does the baby know what these feel like?
 ~soft, hard, warm, cold....

 The above cognitive abilities will affect the kid's judgment and thinking in the future, and even their safety.  It is very important fundamental training.

 We all grew up like this ~wooden blocks, bean bags, paper puzzles~is the world of children.  

 In the next issue, we will continue to introduce the benefits of building blocks, please stay tuned !

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