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The success story of Leconcepts can be traced back to the 1960s when it began with a small family business in Hong Kong to manufacture and wholesale various consumer and industrial products on a limited scale. With the vision and great effort of its team members, the business began its enormous expansion since the late 1980s. Facilities in Mainland China were established and the customer base was internationalized.

In 1999, our business was consolidated and Leconcepts International Company was founded to manage all of our plastic and toys manufacturing.

2006 was another milestone year for Leconcepts when we underwent an organizational restructure to enhance Leconcepts’ corporate governance and business operations. The family business successfully grew to a group company, Leconcepts Holdings Company Limited (LHC), with professional management and a modern corporate structure. The facilities and workflow were considerably upgraded to cater for OEM and ODM projects,in China, Vietnam & Hong Kong.

Today, headquartered in Hong Kong, Leconcepts Holdings Company Limited (LHC) is mainly an OEM company with facilities in Mainland China, Vietnam and Hong Kong. We pride ourselves on providing all-round consultation and solutions to our customers – we understand their requirements and goals because we know how to listen to them carefully. Coupled with knowledge to the markets, we take an innovative yet pragmatic approach to offering flexible and cost effective solutions in our project management. You should see our expertise & openness since our quotation !

LHC offers a wide range of quality OEM products, from craftsmanship-driven collector items to sound-&-safe practical daily consumables. TOYS, ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS, HOME APPLICANCES and PHONE ACCESSORIES are among our general product lines. Plastics, in various kinds and forms, is our major production materials. We are also familiar with wood, fabric & paper materials, those are important constituents to our shipments, although we do not yet directly own facilities for them. Nevertheless, the close collaboration with extensive cross-boundary vendors supports the diversification of our product range. With our kind of experience & setup, we own high flexibility & openness to very different concepts & enquiries. We are not afraid of dealing with new materials & technologies.

Our vertical setup can take care of your concept development, product design, prototype review, mold and tooling fabrication, manufacturing and logistics. You name it, we do it without surprises or failures.

With our decades of experience and expertise since the 1960s, we have been working very hard to ensure the fulfillment to our customers’ needs for the right products, at the right price, at the right time, at the right place, along with the right services. The road has been long but fruitful.

We have earned a global customer base because we know each customer is different and should be managed in their own particular ways. Our dedication has won us long-term customers and strategic partners. Referrals from existing customers and friends remain crucial to our business. We are grateful to their high level of trust and respect.

And we treat all of our works with strict confidentiality.

If you are looking for a quality OEM manufacturer, our team here is ready to render tailored services for you. We are confident that with us you can avoid all the headaches that you will or already have encountered elsewhere.

E-commerce is our new direction. It will enable both our corporate and individual customers to communicate and do business with us more effectively and efficiently through this website. We are taking our steps carefully. As long as we are ready, the website itself will guide you through the process. If any functional buttons are missing from what is expected, please feel free to drop us a few lines or call us anytime.

Our mission: We strive to excel over others.

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