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    Hello friends. It comes the moment I send out the beautiful greeting of Merry Xmas & Happy New Year again. Before the holiday break, please allow me to make a little summary for our 2018 & share with you on how we would like to set our path ahead. 

    The 2018 highlights:

    - I am a little carried away by the current Sino-US trade dispute. A free-trade protagonist suddenly changed face.  The big bargain game between 2 giant countries is hot, in which some people must get burned.  The ripples are also reaching non-economic sectors. We will not be stumbled over here, but, cannot be out of the muddy water either.  Our preventive measures are vague because the players are not very predictable. Let us hope that at the end both countries can really gain something for their own cause. And no need to sacrifice the whole world.
    Vietnam may not be our true emergency exit in the Sino-US trade dispute. Embarrassingly our Vietnam facilities cannot fully backup our Chinese productions yet. We are working hard to  grow our capabilities.  And also to catch up the rising property & labour costs in that country .
    - Parallel to the dispute is the prevailing RMB deflation. My customers are the beneficiaries. It has functionally alleviated the true impact from the cost changes in China’s economy.
    - Regarding our product trend, we know well we must be very professional in order to keep the key brands in-house. On the other hand, stem / steam (Science, Technology, Education, Art, Maths) toys also have our great attention.  
    - our new website was launched at last.  It is not quite same as  expected.  Our e-commerce team will have a lot to do.
    - We have been very busy adjusting ourselves in the emerging new ecosystem of the business world.   The learning process on digital marketing was not all pleasant though.  The lack of rule of thumb (& no KOL to follow made us stressful.  I would like to dedicate my appreciation to my E-COMMERCE team - to  their courage and patience to walk in the mist, together with me !
    - We have been making talent hunt for different positions throughout the year.  We want some changes during our expansion.
    - Last but not the least, I must mention our precious Japanese customers.  The gentlemen are standing so tall under the torment of  their harsh weather this year. Emails & projects remained so calm & seamless, as always.  We are very proud of their tenacity & persistence to goal! 

    The 2019 outlook:

    • - My E-COMMERCE team is making their baby steps to the dance floor.  I am sure they can overcome the tangle & have their own show.
    • Product and service are always cornerstone to our future.  The change in methodology may not necessarily bring along the change in the essence .We certainly have all the needed.   To put things forth in a trendy fashionable way, is an art at all times.            Frustration-Free is not my promise to my team. For the moment, maybe our participation in e-commerce is mainly to showcase our ability.  If our formula (now phrased as “analytics” ?) is proven faulty, I have no problem at all to be back to drawing board .
    • It is the imperfections that drive us.  Previous success & convention only make us complacent. Let us embrace our insufficiency & make new goals.  It can render us fuller & stronger! Uncertainty are nothing to be worried nor feared.  
    • My E-COMMERCE team , please enjoy your work !
    • - Technology already enables our working platforms to be functional anytime and anywhere.  
    • - The face-to-face time was substantially reduced, inside and outside the office. We talk by emails, pictures, videos, skype, messages...... well, it is not a bad thing. But I feel....I do want to meet you guys in 2019, as long as there is no safety concerns in your countries. I can’t fight. 
    •  *************
    • As the finale, this question has been in my mind for some time -
    • To save the world , should we give up plastics?
    • Plastics are generally inexpensive and durable. Most of them are rather controllable by technicians. As a result different layers of our daily life are infused with different plastic products. We have gone very far by our own way.  Plastics becomes consumable & disposable.
    • Now we are awakened. The chemical & non-degradable properties of many plastics have adversely affected the world and life species. Those compensations like recycling, incineration and landfills... all have their shortcomings. Neither are bio-degradable plastics environmentally helpful. After decomposition, they are worse than traditional plastics, in terms of the difficulties to detect & treat their micro fragments.
    • Non-usage and reduction in usage ?
    • If we intend to replace plastic by paper, then no plastic can mean knocking down all the trees. That sounds equally terrible !
    • Personally I  am still big fan of plastics ! It is one of the biggest discoveries/inventions of mankind. Industrially it is a very agile material. In spite of its light weight & cost , plastic medical components can be as sturdy & friendly as to last for ages inside human body, for example. In the past we have mis-used plastics, by not managing its dark side ! Plastic is NOT good for disposable purposes !

    • If we can try to educate & rethink the usage of plastics, maybe it does not have to be pollutant anymore. Let’s act now.
    • (However, if you are somehow not believing in plastics is healthy enough, please simply do not choose it in your lifestyle . Conception determines comfort level.  We all deserve a happy life with choices ! )

    • Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ~~
    • Passionately from,
    • Leona
    • December 2018

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